Dear Photograph,
I was born in India, but at the age of 2 years old I moved to Italy with my family. I never came back to India until last year, when I was 30. There, I was with my father near the Indian ocean.

Dear Photograph,
You move away from your beloved childhood home when you’re 12, and take up residence on the East Coast. You return for a visit right before leaving for college. You’ll accomplish so many things, but always yearn to be that happy little girl running around the yard in the summertime once more.
Love, Your Bright Future

Dear Photograph,
The house has gone through many colors since that day about 36 years ago. So much has changed but so much has stayed the same too. Even though Nanny is gone, it’s still “going to Nanny’s house” when I travel back home.

Dear Photograph,
It’s been 27 years since this photo was taken on our wedding day in the gazebo on Pop-Pop’s impeccably groomed grounds. As you can see, the lawn, the flowers and the bushes have missed your tender loving care. But not nearly as much as your family does.
Love, Jody

Dear Photograph,
The whole family gathered at our place to celebrate Nana’s 70th
birthday. Nana turned 92 yesterday. Happy Birthday Nana, wish we could
all be getting together again today. Love you lots,

Dear Photograph,
This church holds many special memories for me and my family history past, looking through my grandmas album and finding photos dating back to 1950’s. These photos I have exhibited for my project at college using the Dear Photograph technique, I reunited these 1950 photo’s with the place today—where my nan and grandad got married in Bolton St. James Church. It was a rainy day, but i got the best photographs I got a grade A* for such an amazing idea thanks to Dear Photograph for the inspiration. I now have reconnected with my family history. -Chloe

Dear Photograph,
15 years separates from when I took this photo to now. We moved a couple hundred miles away 2 years after this photo, and both my boys are grown and doing their own things. I miss and cherish the days when they did things with me and their mum, but things always move on, and we always have each other.

Dear Photograph,
Hot summer days in Segovia sure are missed, just like that ball I tried to catch. 3 decades later and I’m still trying!

Dear Photograph,
This lake holds many special childhood memories for me and my extended family, like catching my first fish in the summer of 1992 with my Grandpa. He is now in heaven, reunited with the love of his life—my grandmother. Our cottage has since been sold and almost completely remodelled, and so has the dock, but the lake will never change. At least we can still visit friends there and create new memories, and it’s a place that makes me forget about my troubles, even though it’s not quite the same as it was when my grandparents were still alive.

Dear Photograph,
Have 13 school years really gone by? My baby girl in sunglasses waits for the school bus with her 2 brothers and the neighborhood kids. This photo was the first day of school…off to kindergarten, and today’s photo is high school graduation. Now off to college…time waits for no one.

Dear Photograph,
You were taken on 22 April 2000 by a visiting grandfather who was waiting outside for his grandson to come back.

14 years later today, for the first time in 7 years since moving out of the childhood house and neighborhood, I have come back to visit just like my grandfather.

Sometimes we reminisce and by taking a trip down memory lane quite literally, the connection is stronger just being in the places where those memories were made.


Dear Photograph,
This is a photograph of my great auntie and uncle at my nan’s wedding at St. James church in Bolton, Ontario. Our family have had many weddings here and loved it and I know they sure did as well. Although they are gone now, we still have their memories. She died when I was young but I still remember going on day trips with her and my great uncle too. My auntie was a wonderful person.

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