Dear Photograph,
This lake holds many special childhood memories for me and my extended family, like catching my first fish in the summer of 1992 with my Grandpa. He is now in heaven, reunited with the love of his life—my grandmother. Our cottage has since been sold and almost completely┬áremodelled, and so has the dock, but the lake will┬ánever change. At least we can still visit friends there and create new memories, and it’s a place that makes me forget about my troubles, even though it’s not quite the same as it was when my grandparents were still alive.

Dear Photograph,
My brother and I were lucky enough to not only live in the same home for most of our lives but to also have this gigantic backyard at our disposal. My brother used to attack me with tickle bombs and make us forts out of the couch cushions. Now, I’m 19 and he’s 26 and Grandpa’s garden is no longer there, but one thing stays the same: the beautiful magenta flowers still bloom on the hillside at the end of March every year.

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