Dear Photograph,
Hot summer days in Segovia sure are missed, just like that ball I tried to catch. 3 decades later and I’m still trying!

Dear Photograph,
I lived with these gals for four years…four years!? I miss them terribly now that we don't live together, but I love them just the same and always look forward to the plays we go to, the progressive dinners we host, and the moments we share!

Dear Photograph,
This is me in the far 1962. I was in Piazza dei Signori (Lord’s Square) in Verona, Italy. I was giving corn seeds to the pigeons. Now it’s forbidden…

Thanks to David (Founder of Tumblr) for making an amazing platform, that Dear Photograph is proud to be on. Glad you like the book!


Speaking of book deals, huge huge HUGE congrats to Taylor and everyone involved in the Dear Photograph book.

Thank you for the copy. :)

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