Dear Photograph,
This is when I still had hair and my brother pooped himself.
We were happy, but we didn’t know it.

Dear Photograph,
Compared to 1984 our shorts are longer and our hair is shorter, but the fish just keep getting bigger and bigger the more we retell the stories. There were many carefree summers fishing with the Hanson boys, there to the left of my brother and I.¬†Almost 30 years later, the Hanson boys both have sons of their own who are living their own version of carefree summers fishing…together with my son.

Dear Photograph,
My older brother is gone, and our childhood home is a occupied by others, but the memories of the times spent on that street remain. This image captures the differences between my brother and I, and captures the changing styles of the 1960’s!

Dear Photograph,
My brother and I were lucky enough to not only live in the same home for most of our lives but to also have this gigantic backyard at our disposal. My brother used to attack me with tickle bombs and make us forts out of the couch cushions. Now, I’m 19 and he’s 26 and Grandpa’s garden is no longer there, but one thing stays the same: the beautiful magenta flowers still bloom on the hillside at the end of March every year.

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