Dear Photograph,
Every time I go fishing I look at this photo and it brings back great memories of my good friends.

Dear Photograph,
This is me on my first day of kindergarten. It was a great first day of school because I didn’t cry for once, compared to preschool. But now I’m here standing tall, ready to learn. 17 years later, I’m back to reminisce my early days as a student, as I prepare myself for my last year in college.

Dear photograph,
A good bit of my foundation was laid from being on that boat. Any one who ever stepped on it never completely stepped off. Mom Mom and Pop Pop were always TEACHING the youngins and some grown how to bait hooks, take fish off the line and respect nature by learning about it. I can still remember sitting on that engine box as a kid heading up the river, the loud rumble made you shut up and take it all in. When you were old enough you got to sit on the bow, cut bait and remove the rope from your rod that was tied to the frame. Because of my grandparents praises every child that walked off the Catfish felt they caught the fish of the day. Sitting on dry land rotting, I realize its just a chunk of wood now without Mom Mom and Pop Pop at the helm. 

Dear Photograph,
Here I am as a little boy, with my great grandfather I met for the first time and his beloved Jovi the Poodle. They returned home in Belgrade, Serbia for the first time in 50 years. Spending almost all of his life in Alaska, he had a small gold mine there. Sadly, soon after this photo was taken, he went on vacation, never to return. All I have now is this photograph of the three of us and a ring with a golden nugget that he gave me.

While making this image, I realized the full power of “Dear Photograph” phenomenon. When I looked through the viewfinder and “connected” the photo with reality, the past and present aligned. It was a deep, nostalgic and very emotional moment. Suddenly I was taken back 31 years, standing on the same place, looking at the same building, together with my grandpa and his little Jovi. Precious moment.


Dear Photograph,
This is my dad in Plaza de Mayo (Buenos Aires 1969). I was 9 years old when he died so I don’t remember much things about him but I inherited his passion for art. My mother told me he was a great guy and I’m sure he was. Miss you dad.

Dear Photograph,
The unforgettable Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona… I returned today and reflected, 17 years later with this photo in hand. Though we lost you to cancer, Dad, I’m grateful to have this memory to cherish in your absence. Until we meet again. 

Dear Photograph,
This is a picture taken of my brother and cousins (and Bandit, the dog) back in 1993 at Glen Lock in Irvine Park, Chippewa Falls, WI.
My brother passed away in 2009, but the park was his favorite place to be.

Dear Photograph,
A year and a half ago my brother (right) died suddenly at 43. I miss him terribly. The original photo of the two of us in the snow in front of our childhood home was shot around 1975. I came to town for a wedding and snapped this today.

Dear Photograph,
40 years ago she was the most beautiful grandma of the beach. The one who gave me the little self confidence i have. She’s been gone for one year now. I miss her.

Dear Photograph,
My sister and I ready for our first day of school. How the time flies…

Dear Photograph,
This is a picture of myself, my cousins Kris and Jay, my brother Kevin and my Uncle Pauly, taken by my father Kevin some time in the late 80’s. All of us native NY’ers, our dads were taking us on a trip to climb the Statue of Liberty and see Ellis Island. We can still remember climbing to the crown, and feeling so accomplished.

In the original photo, we were posing with Lady Liberty for Uncle Pauly, when Uncle Kevin saw the opportunity to snap the original picture with the Twin Towers in the background.

Nearly 25 years later, on the eve of the 12th anniversary of 9/11/2001, my cousin Kris Lo Presto (left most in picture) and Erin Parker brought this photo back to the Statue of Liberty and snapped this pic.

Brian Mount

Dear Photograph,
People have asked me why I love photography and over the years I have leaned that its simply because I hate change. Even when times and people and circumstances change, memories don’t, photographs don’t. And I think that is exactly why we hang them everywhere, because for a brief moment, even in the utter chaos of life’s changes, things become normal again when we look at them; even if just for that moment. I guess I love photography because photographs never change, even when every little thing in them does.Our home is a quiet place now that my sister and I have moved away, but when I look at this photograph,I am six years old again, my family is always just a few rooms away, and I believe in everything.

Dear Photograph,
He may not be my biological father, but he has always been my daddy.

Dear Photograph,
September 27th will be my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  This church where they were married became the church in which my brothers and I grew up, got married, and dedicated our babies to the Lord.  My parents are still a vital part of this same congregation, serving in so many different ways, passing in and out of these doors everyday.  Their marriage, their faith, and their passion for serving have touched so many. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.  We love you!

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