Dear Photograph,
The year was 1947 and Grandma was just 15. Even though life wasn’t easy, she always marched to the beat of her own joyful drum, raising her daughters, sons, and grandchildren her entire adult life. Without her, we’d never have known that not all women are to live in fear and there are women who are capable of great love and affection. She was our savior in so many ways. Thank you Grandma, for helping us to become the women we are today and for helping us to embrace trust once again…all because of you.


Dear photograph,
In 1980 my father began to practice with his first film SLR. I’m there, sitting on wicker chair in the house. Now, I do the same things with my daughter :)

Dear Photograph,
On October 11th of this year, my grandparents would have celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. This photo is of my grandma getting into the car as my grandpa waits beside it. It was taken outside of the church in Shorewood, Wisconsin right after the ceremony.

This photo shows an Associated Press image taken Nov. 22, 1963, of Jackie Kennedy and Secret Service agent Clint Hill climbing on the back of the limousine after U.S. President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas. (AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Cody Duty)

Dear Photograph,
Nearly 80 years ago, these four siblings played together. The following years brought so much in life and only one sibling still remains: my dad, once the baby of the family. Now, I’ve brought my daughter to play on these same banks and listen to the ghosts of my aunt and uncles.

Dear Photograph,
My grandma took lots of photos when my great-grandparents moved to downtown Long Beach in the early 30’s (this is my Dad in 1937). Family members lived in the Villa Riviera (the building with the spire) and worked and played at the Pacific Coast Club (castle building). Six generations have sunbathed, surfed, fished, built sand castles (both play and professional), studied marine life and collected shells along this same stretch of beach.

Dear Photograph,
We were born eight days apart and have been inseparable since. I am so happy to not only call you my cousin, but also my best friend. Thank you for always being a shoulder to lean on.
Love always, Mercedes

Dear Photograph,
I wish I had the courage to be the girl I was when I was five. The world twists you up, grinds you down, and makes you behave. Life was simpler then and I thought I was fabulous. I miss her.

We are very happy to share with you our first celebrity Dear Photograph! Thank you to Richard Curtis (Creator of Love Actually, Notting Hill & About Time) for submitting a personal memory!

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Dear Photograph,
Every year my friends and I take a photo of a band that never existed, posing for the cover of their comeback album that will never be. There is normally quite a lot of feuding during the photoshoot, a re-surfacing of the musical differences that split the band up in the first place. Acute observers may notice me on the left, Dave ( known to some as the Governor of Walking Dead ) on vocals, Paul “Bourne/Captain Phillips” Greengrass on lead guitar and our friend Harry, Britain’s leading expert on grammar, usually plays bass but seems in this picture to be having a mild stroke. The photo is taken in a barn in Suffolk, near the beach that inspired About Time 
xx r

We have narrowed down our four finalists for our About Time contest! Our grand prize winner will be announced Monday! Thank you for entering the contest and good luck to our finalists! About Time is in theatres everywhere tomorrow:

Dear Photograph,
Compared to 1984 our shorts are longer and our hair is shorter, but the fish just keep getting bigger and bigger the more we retell the stories. There were many carefree summers fishing with the Hanson boys, there to the left of my brother and I. Almost 30 years later, the Hanson boys both have sons of their own who are living their own version of carefree summers fishing…together with my son.

Dear Photograph, 
Though we have been too old to Trick or Treat for quite sometime now, Halloween won’t be the same without The Green Power Ranger. RIP little buddy, you will be missed. 
Love, The Neighbourhood Kids. 

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