We have narrowed down our four finalists for our About Time contest! Our grand prize winner will be announced Monday! Thank you for entering the contest and good luck to our finalists! About Time is in theatres everywhere tomorrow:http://www.fandango.com/GlobalSearch.aspx?q=About+Time&mode=Movie&id=M159251&ac=1

Dear Photograph,
Compared to 1984 our shorts are longer and our hair is shorter, but the fish just keep getting bigger and bigger the more we retell the stories. There were many carefree summers fishing with the Hanson boys, there to the left of my brother and I. Almost 30 years later, the Hanson boys both have sons of their own who are living their own version of carefree summers fishing…together with my son.

Dear Photograph, 
Though we have been too old to Trick or Treat for quite sometime now, Halloween won’t be the same without The Green Power Ranger. RIP little buddy, you will be missed. 
Love, The Neighbourhood Kids. 


Dear Photograph is welcoming entries to a contest for a trip of a lifetime in partnership with Universal Pictures’ new film, About Time. Visit our website to learn how to submit your memory! More info here.

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