Dear Photograph,
Christmas won’t be the same without you around. We now have the house and will make memories of our own. I love you mom and thanks for making me the man I am today.

Dear Photograph,
I miss my best friend. There was never a dull moment with us. She moved away and we don’t see each other often. The memories seem to be disappearing. I wish we could go back to those days.

Dear Photograph,
I have spent every Christmas morning in this room surrounded by the people I love the most. Some of those people are no longer around, but by looking at this photograph I am able to remember them and all the amazing memories we had in that room.

Dear Photograph,
The canyon never seems to change year in and year out, yet so much has happened in our short lives since our visit last year.

Dear Photograph,
The original, is a photograph of my parents sledding in 1948 at my dad’s childhood home. I’m lucky enough to own the house now with my husband. We added the addition about five years ago, to enjoy the view and be able to watch sledding from a warm vantage point. It’s fun to have kids of all ages enjoying the hill that so many have been sledding on over the years.

Dear Photograph,
This is my grandmother playing with my father on the front porch of the 1800’s plantation house. The photo was taken in 1960. My grandmother passed away a month before her first great-grandchild was born, we were visiting, looking through old photographs after her funeral and found this. It made my heart melt.

Dear Photograph,
My mother had no idea what was going to come her way that year. She and her brother and sister would learn to journey through life without their mother by their side. Grandpa carried on and took care of all three of them all by himself. He took lots of pictures of them and I’m sure my grandmother was there looking at them over his shoulder all through their life.
Dear Photograph,
Our lemonade wasn’t a very big hit that day. Maybe we should have used real lemons instead of all that granulated stuff.
Dear Photograph,
Looking back at my mom at age 9, I can see even then that she was a confident young woman. She still stands tall and proud today, even taller in my eyes. Thank you Mom for teaching me to be strong!
Love, Nicole

Dear Photograph,
Ever since my mother and father got a divorce back in 2003 I don’t get to see my father very much. He lives a good amount away from me. Finding photos like this make me realize what a great father he was to me while growing up and how proud he is of his children. I love you dad!

Dear Photograph, 
The beach is our home, and this is the path we follow to take us there. So many memories have been built at the sea, and my there are many more to follow.

Dear Photograph,
The year was 1947 and Grandma was just 15. Even though life wasn’t easy, she always marched to the beat of her own joyful drum, raising her daughters, sons, and grandchildren her entire adult life. Without her, we’d never have known that not all women are to live in fear and there are women who are capable of great love and affection. She was our savior in so many ways. Thank you Grandma, for helping us to become the women we are today and for helping us to embrace trust once again…all because of you.


Dear photograph,
In 1980 my father began to practice with his first film SLR. I’m there, sitting on wicker chair in the house. Now, I do the same things with my daughter :)

Dear Photograph,
On October 11th of this year, my grandparents would have celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. This photo is of my grandma getting into the car as my grandpa waits beside it. It was taken outside of the church in Shorewood, Wisconsin right after the ceremony.

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