Dear Photograph,
Almost 50 years later and I have not lived more than 5 miles from this exact spot.

Dear Photograph,
My parents were married in the living room of my grandparents house in Albany, NY, on April 7, 1932. The wedding photos were taken on the front lawn, and include a portion of the house next door. After having been in the family for 100 years, I sold that home yesterday, just a couple of weeks shy of the 80th anniversary of their wedding. Since both of my parents are gone, I wanted to involve them in some way for a few last reflections around the property before headed to the closing.

Dear Photograph,
Trafalgar Square 50 years ago and my Granny never looked happier! If my house was burning down, this would be the one possession I would be desperate to save. I miss so many things about my Granny but most of all I miss her beautiful smile. 
Dear Photograph,
My Mom was onto something with all her planting, I can see that now. When things get rough, find a little piece of earth and hold on. There is beauty to be had in the end.
Love, Allison
Dear Photograph,
It’s been over 20 years, and my little sister is still the one with all the attitude!

Dear Photograph,
This family doesn’t live in this house anymore - the daughters are all grown up and the parents have moved in retirement. The walls hold many secrets - giggles, laughter, tears, and love. I will always drive by this house randomly from time to time because the memories pull at my heart.

Dear Photograph,
In the year 2000, Michiko came into our family and brought immeasurable joy. She passed away in 2012. How we wish she were still here so she can play with my niece Camille who is turning 1 year old in May. We miss feeding her, taking care of her, just being with her. Michiko… a true man’s best friend. Thank you for all the memories!

Dear Photograph,
It’s not fair, measuring the past against the present. They can never be reconciled, the ‘now’ can never win. I look at a photograph and I see me and my parents smiling on my graduation day and I think – ah yes, they were proud of me, I was happy – I don’t recall whatever worries were bothering me on that day. Whatever barren, winter landscape was hiding behind our smiles, is now forever melted by the warmth of my memory.

Dear Photograph,
If I could only keep them all wrapped up in my arms for just a bit longer…

Dear Photograph
I revisited Walhalla cemetery recently, where the original photo was taken around 43 years ago. Walhalla is a small gold-mining town in country Victoria Australia. There are only 16 permanent residents there now as the gold-mining is no longer viable and most people moved away when the mines closed. 
The town continues to be of historical interest and tourists still visit the town and its cemetery which has over 1300 burials, though most sites no longer have headstones. 
Returning with this pic and taking the ‘dear photograph’ shot was quite an emotional experience for me. It was like looking through a window into my past.

Dear Photograph,
I love how over time, certain places have become “ours” and when we go back there, it’s like re-reading my favorite passage from my favorite book.
Love, Jen

Dear Photograph,
A Christmas card from 1962 by the original owners of our house, shot right in front of our fireplace.

Dear “Dear Photograph”,

Thank you for your beautiful blog and for inspiring me to make my own ‘Dear Photograph’ book for my parents as a gift this Christmas. In the process of taking over 400 pictures in the style of your blog, I visited the battered post-Hurricane Sandy New Jersey shoreline where I grew up. I visited preschools,bridges, churches, and grammar schools.  I visited the homes and backyards of aunts, uncles, and grandparents. I started on the eastern shore of the state, visited the western border, and returned to the eastern shore again. I visited various moments in my life and was ultimately reacquainted with my childhood self. And in the end, the process of taking the photos was as beautiful as the result.

So Dear Photograph,
Thank you for reminding us of who we were, who we are, and who we are going to be.



Dear Photograph,
After 65 days of triple digit temperatures, it’s hard to remember mittens and hot chocolate were a must 6 months ago. Thanks for reminding me that a hot summer like this will come to an end!

Dear Photograph,
I lived with these gals for four years…four years!? I miss them terribly now that we don't live together, but I love them just the same and always look forward to the plays we go to, the progressive dinners we host, and the moments we share!

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