Dear Photograph,
My mother was a hippie too. Deal with it!

Dear Photograph,
I would always try to keep up with my older brothers and the neighbourhoods as much as I could since I was the youngest. Whether it was getting my training wheels off earlier than anyone or strapping into a snowboard after I could barely walk. It’s now paid off and I am on a Golf scholarship at Florida Gulf Coast University playing division 1 golf. Thanks to my older influences for making me try harder every day!

Dear Photograph.
It’s been three years already since we left our house and it seems like quite some time has passed to think of how much I used to like to play, sit, watch, listen to music and 
whatever else happened on that balcony. The original picture was taken in 1987, and I have no idea who took it, but it shows my dad, my mom and one month-old version of myself. I miss this balcony, a lot.

Dear Photograph,
My 19 year old son is about 4 in this photo. He was climbing his very favorite tree in the back yard of his grandparents’ home. The house has been sold now but he had a chance to admire the tree one more time last summer. Happy memories!

Dear Photograph,
This photo of my nephew and my Mom dates from 1985. Now, in 2014 both have passed away, my nephew in 2006 and my mom just last April. This photo conjures up the best of times. They loved to swim naked in the pool together. Now the family house was sold and is being renovated to sell again. Nothing is the same and I miss them both so much.

Dear Photograph,
I was just visiting my grandparents house and found this photo of when i was a child, over 33 years ago.. This brought back so many awesome memories as i loved this cat basil and spending time with my grandparents reminds me of the best childhood memories.

Dear Photograph,
In 1982 I was a little girl on the beach of Busan, South Korea looking out into the ocean wondering what life might bring my way. I came back to this very spot in 2011 and I stood in the same spot with a two year old little boy and another one on the way still looking out to the ocean and wondering yet again what more fun things life has in store. Life is like an ocean shore it keeps going and coming back for more. My life motto.

This past October, Dear Photograph and About Time had a contest to give away a trip to anywhere in the world for people who sent in a Dear Photograph related to love or their family. Once our winner Jennifer found out she won she told me in an email it was the best day of her life because a day before she found out the adoption papers for their new child went through.

Jennifer just sent me an email linked to a blog post to their trip they went on to Turks & Caicos in March. Looks like they made a few new memories and an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

Not only has Dear Photograph given me so many amazing opportunities, it’s given me a different outlook on life. And for that I can be forever thankful. Thanks to Jennifer and her husband for making my day.

Dear Photograph,
Over 40 years ago, my big sister and I stood out in front of our dad’s Studebaker for this picture. Some things have changed: I’m not such a big ham in front of the camera any more, I have my own 5-year-old, and the Studebaker hasn’t run for many decades. But that tree, the house with our parents in it, and all that love remain the same. Thanks for the wonderful memories of playing with my best friend.

Dear Photograph,
Fourteen years ago, you were more than just a memory. You were more than saved birthday cards and boxes of photo albums. Your clothes still hang in the closet and your toothbrush remains in the bathroom after all these months as if we are foolishly awaiting your return. If it weren’t for these souvenirs of the life you once possessed, I would have the hardest time deciding if you really once existed or if these thoughts of you are nothing more than beautiful figments of my sad imagination.

Dear Photograph,
Though I am taller than you now, I look up to you still as I did nearly twenty years ago.

Dear Photograph,
I miss the days when the dream to lace ‘em up in the blue and white was still alive. -Taylor

Dear Photograph,
Life seemed so simple in the days of black and white .
You were father of four daughters and loving it.
But time has a way of changing.
The car is gone, the dog is gone and you have been gone seven years now.
The only thing that is remaining are the mountains that you loved 
and the memories we hold near and dear to our hearts.
Loving and missing you still, your four daughters.
Till we meet again. -Clydene
August 7, 1928 - April 15, 2007)

Dear Photograph,
life flies by.Yours did too. It’s been 8 years since you faded from that picture, and we still miss you lots.You were alive, you were smiling and you were loving. I wish it wasn’t past tense.

Dear Photograph,
I had a lot of fun playing with my grandparents fountain. I also have a lot of memories falling into it.

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