Dear Photograph,
Though I am taller than you now, I look up to you still as I did nearly twenty years ago.

Dear Photograph,
I miss the days when the dream to lace ‘em up in the blue and white was still alive.

Dear Photograph,
Life seemed so simple in the days of black and white .
You were father of four daughters and loving it.
But time has a way of changing.
The car is gone, the dog is gone and you have been gone seven years now.
The only thing that is remaining are the mountains that you loved 
and the memories we hold near and dear to our hearts.
Loving and missing you still, your four daughters.
Till we meet again. -Clydene
August 7, 1928 - April 15, 2007)

Dear Photograph,
life flies by.Yours did too. It’s been 8 years since you faded from that picture, and we still miss you lots.You were alive, you were smiling and you were loving. I wish it wasn’t past tense.

Dear Photograph,
I had a lot of fun playing with my grandparents fountain. I also have a lot of memories falling into it.

Dear Photograph,
Cheetos forever!
-Seokyeong Han

Dear Photograph,
Tell me, where has the time gone? It’s nearing the end of senior year, and all I can think about is the past. Moments like this photo, taken in my grandparent’s front yard at Waimea. A photo incorporating everything from smiles to tears, and the time spent with the ones I love most. These are the simple moments I miss. Why can’t I relive them all over again? Because it’s true what they say, time does fly by… I’ve changed, maybe a whole lot or maybe a little, but deep down I’m still that crying baby in the middle. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to reflect on the past, and now it’s finally that time to dry my tears and move on to the future! I mua!
Aloha, Kiana xo

Dear Photograph,
Chaque jour je m’amuse avec impatience à traduire les photos proposées. Aujourd’hui, je voudrais inverser les rôles, en l’honneur de ces après-midi passées avec ma soeur à Landivisiau (Finistère) chez nos grands parents.
Quinze années plus tard, nous vivons tous les deux dans cette grande ville qu’est Paris, mais nous n’oublierons jamais le parfum de ces magnifiques instants et de cette complicité qui nous liait. Continue like that, un grand merci,

Dear Photograph,
I was only a toddler when we left Arizona, so I don’t have any memories of Kingman, or the family business, Eaton’s Desert Drug. That’s why I treasure photographs like this. Although the drugstore is no longer there, and the pharmacist (my father) has been gone for almost 2 years now, his legacy of hard work, sacrifice and love of family remain with his widow, children and grandchildren. Thank you, Dad, for being my father.

Dear Photograph, 
I went to visit my 86 year old mother this week who had been recovering from a near fatal bout with the flu‎. In the last few months, she had finally begun downsizing and de-cluttering her home so she gave me an envelope of pictures that I had given to her over the years. Included was a picture of me and my then fiancée Debra. I realized I was sitting on the same couch as we had been when the original photo was taken. The three cushions along the back were still in the same order as they had been nearly 26 years ago. 
Love, Jamie 

Dear Photograph,
All those years ago you stood here in the country, ready to marry Mom and spend the rest of your life together. Now 57 years later she spends each day with you as you gradually forget and slip further away from us. But love and family endure, and we cherish each day we still have together.
Love, Your Family

Dear Photograph,
A true Alaska fisherman at heart; this pharmacist from Arizona who was my grandfather and my friend. He introduced me to Nat King Cole records and whenever asked what he wanted for Christmas, would reply “a card and a kind word.” I miss you and love you.

Dear Photograph,
Our Once Upon A Time began on Feb 16th, 2013…I remember this moment like it was yesterday. Beautiful, sunny day walking on the beach enjoying each others company. What would happen next, marked the beginning of an adventure I have always wanted to take and a story that we will forever hold dear to my hearts. This picture of a picture (taken exactly one year later in 2014), to us, is worth MORE than a thousand words. 
Love Always,
A girl who believes in “Happily Ever After”

Dear Photograph,
It was the Summer of 2010 and I still remember every moment I spent with you. You always thought that we were just friends, but to me you meant so much more. Three and a half later I want to wish you a Happy Valentines Day.
Your Boyfriend.

Today is day 5 of following zachspassport, as he traces the unique story of his parents after they met on a bus and fell in love in Guatemala 37 years ago.

Dear Photograph,
A Curious Boy on Lake Atitlán After showing this photo to the groundskeeper and explaining the project we were working on, he smiled and slowly shook his head. He told us several times that unfortunately, we would not be permitted to visit the grounds. After a couple of minutes of discussion, he finally acquiesced, but stated firmly that we only had a minute to take a photo. The photo didn’t turn out as well as I would have hoped — as with many from this series — but I did come to a significant realization. What was most important was that we were revisiting these locations and telling these stories in the first place. Though obstacles presented themselves at several points along the way, we persisted… even if, in this case, our efforts led us to being chased off these grounds! Never let your curiosity wane.

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