Had a great time today at the Dear Photograph book signing! If you couldn’t make it out, you can grab a copy on Amazon, here!

Dear Photograph,
My dad with his new car and our lives on top of it. -Your Other Daughter


Dear Photograph,
I was astounded, but I hadn’t had time to consider what I was seeing.
Mark Yokoyama

Dear Photograph,
We took the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and missed visiting the twin towers. The next day (Note the timestamp on the original photo) will be forever etched in our hearts, as we drove further and further away, watching the skys unfold with so much heartache. Freedom… that word has never meant so much to us.
Love to the families, -Stephanie

Dear Photograph,
The three little man and women are now in 3 countries apart. Home gives us the bonding laugh.

Dear Photograph,
I was born in India, but at the age of 2 years old I moved to Italy with my family. I never came back to India until last year, when I was 30. There, I was with my father near the Indian ocean.

Dear Photograph,
You move away from your beloved childhood home when you’re 12, and take up residence on the East Coast. You return for a visit right before leaving for college. You’ll accomplish so many things, but always yearn to be that happy little girl running around the yard in the summertime once more.
Love, Your Bright Future

Dear Photograph,
The house has gone through many colors since that day about 36 years ago. So much has changed but so much has stayed the same too. Even though Nanny is gone, it’s still “going to Nanny’s house” when I travel back home.

Dear Photograph,
It’s been 27 years since this photo was taken on our wedding day in the gazebo on Pop-Pop’s impeccably groomed grounds. As you can see, the lawn, the flowers and the bushes have missed your tender loving care. But not nearly as much as your family does.
Love, Jody

Dear Photograph,
The whole family gathered at our place to celebrate Nana’s 70th
birthday. Nana turned 92 yesterday. Happy Birthday Nana, wish we could
all be getting together again today. Love you lots,

Dear Photograph,
This church holds many special memories for me and my family history past, looking through my grandmas album and finding photos dating back to 1950’s. These photos I have exhibited for my project at college using the Dear Photograph technique, I reunited these 1950 photo’s with the place today—where my nan and grandad got married in Bolton St. James Church. It was a rainy day, but i got the best photographs I got a grade A* for such an amazing idea thanks to Dear Photograph for the inspiration. I now have reconnected with my family history. -Chloe

Dear Photograph,
15 years separates from when I took this photo to now. We moved a couple hundred miles away 2 years after this photo, and both my boys are grown and doing their own things. I miss and cherish the days when they did things with me and their mum, but things always move on, and we always have each other.

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